Oculus Named Among the Best Industrial Architects in Portland, Oregon


Workplace Transformation Planning Crucial During These Times

By Ali Summerford, interior design director at Oculus Inc. It seems that companies’ plans and protocols for COVID-19 change weekly, if not by the day. But one thing doesn’t change, the importance of needing to put together the right plan...

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Restroom Design Best Practices to Prevent the Spread of Infection

By Ron Reim and Ali Summerford Featured in Facilities Net Considering gender equality, gender identity and gender formation are now part of restroom architecture and design in schools. This may become more common when designing for other industries as well. ...

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Sustainability, Biophilia and Technology Benefit Occupants and Clients

by Ali Summerford: October  20, 2019 | Featured on Interiors and Sources Companies are in constant competition to recruit and retain employees, and a winning workplace environment makes the difference toward securing a more productive (and profitable) workforce. Read the...

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St. Louis Leads the Nation in Female Entrepreneurs

by Sarah Fenske: April 15, 2019 | Published in Riverfront Times St. Louis women may struggle to get paid as much as their male counterparts — but when it comes to starting our own businesses, we lead the pack. Read...

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