What We Do

What We Do

Architectural Design

Creativity and flexibility, enhanced by technology and data, allow Oculus Inc. to respond artistically and practically to our client’s challenges. We view facility decisions as business decisions. Every architectural design project is an opportunity to positively revolutionize a client’s day-to-day. Our mission is to influence this change through aesthetic design that respects timelines, budgets, the environment, and our client’s input.

Interior Design

There is always more than one solution for a space. Oculus Inc. approaches interior design as a tool to elicit an experience and response that reflect the spirit and values of our clients while maintaining a defined budget and schedule with environmental sustainability in mind. We are more than just designers. We are solvers, innovators, and implementers; optimizing interiors through data, technology, client input, and a visionary desire to shape outcomes.

Strategic Planning

The core of the Oculus Inc. philosophy is that physical spaces influence the operational outcomes of business or organizational initiatives. Our team is perfectly suited to be a partner and guide for optimizing facility planning as a part of overarching planning processes. Deeply experienced in the art and science of optimizing human wellness and productivity through architecture and interior design, Oculus Inc. links our expertise with your goals for significantly improved results.

Move Management

Productivity and morale are critical components of a successful operation. Because of our familiarity with all aspects of facility design, implementation, and logistics planning, Oculus Inc. is uniquely poised to protect the best interest of our clients even when their spaces are experiencing great change and upheaval. Thus, our move management service was born.