Oculus Named Among the Best Industrial Architects in Portland, Oregon

Award Winning

The Best Commercial Architects in Dallas

Featured in Dallas Architects The Dallas metro area contains three of the fastest growing suburbs in the country. Companies are moving their headquarters to the area because of its top-notch workforce and premium office campuses. Read full article here

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Two Oculus Projects Named Finalists for Design STL Architect & Designer Awards Competition

January 2, 2020 | Featured in St. Louis Magazine Congratulations to each of the finalists in the 2020 Design STL Architect & Designer Awards. Read the full list here

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Woodlark Named one of World’s Greatest Places

'World's Greatest Places 2019' Featured in Time In a city known for being hip, it’s hard to get noticed. But Woodlark, a new Portland hotel, stands out for its attention to style as well as the way it has embraced its...

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Oculus Inc. Named in NEWH Magazine’s Top Interior Design Firms for 2019

Featured on NEWH Magazine RECOGNIZING DESIGN EXCELLENCE – The TopID award is a prestigious honor determined by NEWH chapter and regional boards to recognize and promote the best in our industry. A firm’s quality design work in the hospitality industry, along...

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Award Winning Design

Featured  in Contract Magazine | The Oculus Portland office created interior designs for 2 restaurants for non-profit FareStart. Maslow's recently won a $2,000 grant from Contract Design's Inspiration Awards. Read more on Page 115: Click here.

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