A New Hotel by Oculus Inc. Vitalizes a Quintessential Oregon Coast Destination

Saltline Hotel Seaside Oregon

Featured in NEWH

Seaside, a quintessential beach getaway in northwest Oregon, mixes a scenic Pacific Ocean backdrop with the old-fashioned charms of a sprawling 1920s promenade and kitschy carousel.

For the 64-room SaltLine Hotel, which opened here last year as a more upscale addition to the Seaside Lodging portfolio, James Staicoff, national director of hospitality at Oculus Inc. and director of the firm’s Portland, Oregon office, aimed “for a casual, effortless aesthetic that evoked the timeless experience of relaxing at a beach house. Vacationing at the coast is an honored Oregon tradition, and we wanted to provide that sense of homecoming even for the first-time hotel guest.”

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