Market: Healthcare

When patients are sick or injured, it is critical to provide them with an environment that facilitates wellness. At Oculus Inc., this means addressing both their physical and mental states through the use of architectural and interior design. We use a combination of color, light, and spatial design to create an environment that inspires a sense of well-being among patients, and encourages a positive outlook that is conducive to recovery.

When designing for healthcare, it’s also important to consider the function of the space: how it will be used and who will be using it. This involves anticipating the physical limitations of some patients. Whether their disabilities are due to age or injury, the environment should be designed to support their movement throughout. If it is difficult for a patient to move about the facility, it will be difficult for them to recover, as well.

Healthcare environment should also be designed to empower medical staff in performing their jobs. At Oculus Inc., we work closely with our clients to create healthcare facilities that account for anticipated rounds and daily routines. The design of a healthcare center can directly affect the flow of doctors, nurses, and other medical staff; by providing them with an environment that is natural to their performance, we make it easier for staff to visit and monitor each patient. By making it easier for medical staff to do their jobs, we increase the odds of recovery and patient satisfaction.

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