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Retail Rollout


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Our retail experience is robust and our design philosophy is nimble. We are problem solvers, innovators, and implementers; guiding our clients towards business growth through elegant, yet practical design and facility strategies. Oculus Inc. is the ideal co-creator for retail expansions and rollouts of any size anywhere across the United States.

23 years of experience and 1,000+ retail projects in the last six years alone have taught us the importance of being whatever our clients need us to be. Most frequently, we drive higher sales through creative design, improved customer experience, and better client understanding. We are large enough to handle the Nationwide rollout of national clients such as Swarovski, Total Hockey, ALDI, and Sunglass Warehouse, but maintain a boutique mindset, and therefore more knowledgeable, more able to communicate, and intimately familiar with our clients’ needs at the team level.

From the use of 3D/4D Building Information Modeling (BIM), green building analysis tools, and other leading edge technologies, Oculus Inc. is able to deliver smarter and more cost effective retail design, information, implementation, and rollout across project lifecycles. Through the use of BIM technology, our clients receive quality drawings upfront, resulting in fewer change orders in the field, facilitating quicker openings. We provide not only efficient store delivery, but also improved facility operations support through the development of cross platform databases, and 3D drawings as part of our base services, because we understand that better information and more communication early in the process result in better project deliverables.

Our portfolio of clients is as diverse as out capabilities. We provide retail design and rollout services for large multi-site clients and meet the critical demands of large corporate clients. We have designed and planned millions of SF of retail projects (new, renovations, and additions) including high-end flagships, in-lines, agents, kiosks, out-of-ground stores, and retail developments in malls, strip centers, downtown/street front/business districts, outdoor life-style centers, power centers, and freestanding locations throughout the country.

We support our client’s retail brand with the built environment. Through strategic partnering, we support our retail clients with a full complement of services including architecture, interior design, field surveys, engineering, and project management; all tailored to provide our clients with a better store delivery experience. We also provide our clients with surveys, proto-type design, multi-site rollouts, and new site development.

New retail locations require the integration of both form and function, and we know that successful retail organizations are equally concerned with both, but most often function is the driving force for their overall efficiency and success as a business. At the same time, we understand the importance of brand integrity, and work intelligently within the design guidelines defined by our Clients and/or the Developers/Landlords to capture a brand’s look and feel without reinventing the wheel.

Understanding these challenges and having the resources required is critical for success.  Creativity and client intent are our inspiration. Discipline and technology are our means of execution. Oculus Inc. has perfected both the art and the science, the form and the function, the business savvy and the risk-acceptance required in the retail market.