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BurgerFi is the US’ fastest-growing gourmet burger chain. All their ingredients are fresh and natural with an emphasis on quality. Environmental sustainability is the cornerstone of their increasingly popular brand.

Oculus Inc. believes in the efficient use of project resources. One of our many competitive advantages is adeptly identifying ways to scale our services to align with our client’s needs and to create innovative solutions to our clients’ architectural challenges. Together, we have a partnership that prioritizes efficiency and sustainability in every aspect of a customer experience.

While maintaining an atmosphere that invites fast-casual relaxation and immediately gives a nod to an eco-friendly attitude, Oculus Inc. provided design coordination with BurgerFi for their architectural design intent set. This endeavour included floor plan, finish plan, interior elevations, and interiors details. Leveraging our ability to support our client’s rapid expansion, completed BurgerFi projects can now be found in 12 US States (Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, & Texas) and Kuwait. Currently, Oculus, Inc. is adapting BurgerFi’s standard, modern “almost-a-bar-or-coffee-house” design into their first airport location. With client intent as our point of departure, environmental sustainability evolved from a mission to a source of inspiration for physical locations.