Project Details


Tucson, AZ

17, 054 SF

Project Description

BASF creates chemistry for a sustainable future. Oculus Inc. connects, shapes, and moves spaces with business and resource sustainability in mind. The collaboration of these two mindsets produced a business-first solution to a facilities challenge.

As BASF’s partner in architectural and interior design for their Tucson, Arizona lab, Oculus Inc. oversaw the renovation and architectural and interior design of a BASF Mining Solution’s functional workspace. The end result? BASF Mining Solutions is now able to more efficiently execute their mission.

From empty warehouse to cutting-edge lab-space, Oculus Inc. leveraged design to provide BASF with greater business efficiency within their new Tucson, Arizona location. BASF Mining Solutions’ Analytical, Hydro/SLS, and Innovation labs were previously housed at three different locations. By concepting this new building to house all three separate labs while also sharing support spaces like office areas, kitchen and break rooms, conference rooms, locker rooms, storage, and restrooms, Oculus Inc. help BASF Mining Solutions more efficiently execute their mission.