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The workplace is a biome: an environment where many of us will spent a third of our waking lives. It is a space where people do so much more than produce; it is a place where people socialize with coworkers, eat meals, and even take the occasional nap. It is the goal of architecture and interior design to acknowledge the importance of the workplace and all of the activities that take place within it. How a workplace is designed will have a significant impact on employees and the work they perform.

When people come into the workplace, there are certain behaviors that are expected of them. For instance, they may be expected to focus on a single task, or maybe they will need to multitask between one project and another. If the design of the workplace does not account for the kinds of activities that happen within its walls, the space can serve as an obstacle to productivity. At Oculus Inc., we always approach our designs with the client’s needs in mind. We discuss with the client the type of work performed in that space and provide solutions that can ease day-to-day tasks and increase output.

When developing a space, we are also conscious of the way that workplace architecture and interior design has an effect employee state of mind. How an employee feels about the environment they are working in not only has an impact on their productivity, it can also be affect their overall wellbeing. Good design anticipates the needs of people, with an awareness that your environment can alter the way you feel about yourself and the world around you. When the workplace addresses these needs, it can increase employee satisfaction and retention.

At Oculus Inc., we believe that good design is economical design. We approach every project with an eye towards sustainability and energy-efficiency, finding ways of reducing cost without sparing innovation. No matter the budget or timeline, Oculus Inc. is confident in our ability to find a solution that meets your project goals, as the only limit to good design should be the imagination.

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