Market: Hospitality

From the moment a guest enters the lobby, they should feel at ease. Comfort and effortlessness: these are the words that define the hospitality market, and it is the goal of architecture and interior design to facilitate those two feelings. The way a space is designed can have a powerful effect on the way a guests feels; whether it’s the front desk, a conference area, or their room for the night. Good design acknowledges its impact on the guest’s state of mind, finding ways of meeting their needs on a basic human level.

To meet the needs of the guest, it’s first important to understand how the space is intended to be used. Will the guest be using the space for work, pleasure, or rest? Maybe it’s a combination of all three, to where it must be a versatile environment, capable of transitioning between various functions. Whatever the case may be, the needs of the guest should be the first consideration of the room architecture and interior design. Good design focuses on the occupants and how they will engage with the space, first and foremost.

At Oculus Inc., we develop a partnership with each our clients and work closely to identify the goals of each project. By understanding the needs of the client, Oculus Inc. can do the necessary research and analysis for creating the perfect space for their guests. This can be achieved with any budget, on any timeline, as innovation knows no limitation.

Every Oculus project starts with the Client's Intent

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