Our Process

Our Process

The Source of Illumination

We view our roles primarily as problem solvers, innovators, and implementers. This approach allows us to deploy our knowledge, training, and creativity to a broader set of issues, some not normally considered “design” yet an elegant resolution nonetheless. Not every assignment we undertake will lead to a specific design or work of architecture but rather a client-driven solution to a need or a specific set of needs. It’s a beautiful process, deeply rooted in logic, technology, and information gathering; easily broken down into three primary phases.

The Steps


We are absolutely committed to the notion that better understanding, awareness, and information lead to better decisions and more satisfied clients. The initial data and information gathering stage serves as the foundation of all future work to come. It defines our vision regarding the overall nature of the solution and guides us all along the way. We start by understanding the nature of the assignment and determining what the client’s purposes, goals, and aspirations are. Consequently, our clients are much more connected and better informed throughout our process. There are three key sources of knowledge and context for our team:


Our design methodology, the deployment of BIM, the staff we hire for our team, and everything we do are all about creating the absolute best solutions for our clients. Our purpose is to shape, spaces, experiences, colors, textures; it is what we do. In the end, it is the project or solution, not just a great idea, by which we a judged and we require the absolute best tools, technology, and people to ensure our implementation is unparalleled.


We seek not an academic preoccupation with aesthetics but rather a holistic approach (as free from dogma as possible) that solves physical and emotional needs simultaneously. Knowing that humankind will likely remain as opinionated about what constitutes beauty as it is about politics, religion, and happiness.

Architecture exists only within the space beyond that of mere existence. Where we as humans seek to not only protect ourselves from the elements, but also to organize and elevate our lives beyond survival to some higher point of understanding. It is the physical manifestation of our beliefs, values, and overall condition manifested in the bricks and mortar we put upon this earth.

Our solutions are designed to move. Not just people through physical spaces, but values, passions, and emotions through time.

Every Oculus project starts with the Client's Intent

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