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A student’s success is determined by a number of factors: their teachers, the curriculum, parental involvement, and a multitude of other variables. Often overlooked is the place of learning itself. Doing away with the drab classrooms of the past, Oculus Inc. focuses on architecture and interior design that is more conducive to positive learning outcomes. This is achieved through a series of strategic decisions, utilizing both form and function to the benefit of children and teachers alike.

In order for students to learn, they require an environment that is optimized for receiving knowledge. This means designing a classroom that encourages focus, engagement, and collaboration among students. Classroom design of the past was restrictive, attempting to force children to conform to the space. At Oculus Inc., we take the exact opposite approach, designing spaces that are intuitive and natural to the students and the ways they learn best.

While the classroom’s form is important for placing the student in the right state of mind, we also must address the function of the room. This demands a close partnership with our clients, where together we determine what features will best empower students to learn and their teachers to guide them. Regardless of the budget or timeline, Oculus Inc. is committed to the belief that solutions are determined by innovative ideas rather than resources.

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