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13,000 - 18,000 SF

Project Description

Oculus Inc.’s work is used by leading national grocery chain ALDI’s Executive Board to identify ideal locations for their new store investments. For ALDI and Oculus Inc. facilities decisions are business decisions.

In our opinion, it’s not enough to simply provide a report of our expert opinions. Oculus Inc. champions design-fueled information delivery, providing 3D computer models for every potential project ALDI considers. Each custom-tailored 3D model accentuates not only the property’s best features, but also uncovers any potential issues that may go unnoticed using conventional 2-dimensional drawings. We use cutting-edge technology to explore site access, neighboring properties, and street visibility.  This Oculus Inc. best practice ultimately saves ALDI a tremendous amount of time and the potential of mis-investment.

Our support to ALDI does not stop at site selection, rendering, and architectural design services for new & remodel locations. we have designed various additions ranging in complexity from minor additions to increase storage capacity and correct loading dock deficiencies to large-scale additions with extensive interior renovations to bring existing stores up to current prototype standards.